Beska Chella- Introducing Now The Best In Town Gluten-free Bakery Products Suppliers!

Cakes are the amazing and sweetest gift that can fill a lot of love with extra sweetness in your gatherings, events, parties or special days like birthdays, anniversaries, surprises, etc. So, for making your life more sweet and full of love, Beska Chella has bring a number of delicious gluten free cakes and cupcakes, best in whole Sydney. 

 In Sydney, Beska Chella is known as one of the best gluten-free and vegan baked cakes and cupcakes suppliers. This bakery provides you the most delicious even for diabetic patients as we took care and healthy thoughts regarding the health of our clients. Beska Chella has recently introduced the foremost vegan cupcakes in Melbourne that can be designed or baked the way you want it for your loved ones to order.  Bring out the awesome smile on your angry or sad, friends, family or loved ones. For those who are diabetic and having any other health issues, can also get the custom made gluten-free bakery products. We are offering a number of sweet products in all these categories that are following: 

  1. Cakes  
  2. Desserts 
  3. Interstate 
  4. Keto 
  5. Nut Free 
  6. Vegan 

All these six categories have a number of varieties in form of sub-categories like for cakes we have in our bakery: 

  1. Berry Swirl-Cake 
  2. Organic Cinnamon Apple & Hazelnut- Cake 
  3. RAW Keto Reddish-Pink Lemonade Cake 
  4. Berry me in Coconut Cake 
  5. Custom  blooper Topper 
  6. Yummy Carrot with Walnut Loaf Cake 
  7. Diamond Set of Loaf– six filled loaves 
  8. Gourde-genus Mini- Cake 
  9. Healthy Hazelnut Ferrero– Cake 
  10. Healthy Orange Almond– Cake 
  11. Mini Almost Naked Berry Cake– Paleo 
  12. Mini Almost Naked Cake – Paleo 

Well, Beska Chella is not only providing these cake varieties, they are also offering you to get your own selective or customized cake products that can obviously going to blow up your mind and smile with perfect result done executed by our experts. Our expert team is really keeps care regarding the hygiene and cleanliness at workplace for better, delicious and healthy results.  You can also get gluten free desserts here at Beska Chella. Moreover, the bakery is also offering a good news for all the diet conscious persons and fat people who always hurt their heart by keeping their love on a distance for such delicious products. Beska Chella always keep concern regarding their client’s health and happiness. The experts of this bakery has bring best smiles on these diet conscious personalities by creating keto-dieted cakes and cupcakes as well desserts.  

  1. RAW Keto- Pink and Lemonade– Cake 
  2. Berries with Coconut- Cake 
  3. Keto Lime Raspberry Pistachio- Cake 
  4. Rainbow Mini cupcakes 
  5. Celebration Rainbow Cake 
  6. Raw Box of Keto  

So, guys stop yourself from enjoying these delicious offers in such amazing and reasonable prices by keeping your health on priority. Order now the best yummy cakes of your choice from Beska Chella! vegan-cupcakes

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The Guest List Is The Key

Once you are given the responsibility of managing an event, we know what the burden you have on your heads until that event finishes, and sometimes even after that. You got to select the best place for the event, you got to select the best menu, the best sounds, the decorations and the list goes on. But, have you ever thought about the starting point of all these selections? What if we say it all starts with the guest list? Yes, it is. Here is why. Suppose you are a brand manager and you want to have a product launched. When you are designing the product, it is designed in such a way that it matches its target market. The advertisements are designed addressing the desires of the target market, and everything is dependent on it. In the same way, when planning and managing an event, your key focus should always be on your target market- that is the ones who would turn up for the event. This is exactly why the guest list is critically important when making selections with regards to any event. Even in selecting event venues, and then selecting the sounds and decoration suppliers, the guest list matters, because if they do not feel wow on the day of the event, you are a failure as the event planner and the manager. Here are some key aspects where the guest list plays an important role.

The food menu

Suppose the menu you select is non veg, and you have a vegetarian guest out there at the event. Venues hardly facilitate quick adjustments when it comes to pre-selected menus, and if this happens to you, it will be a total disaster. Worse luck is if that vegetarian makes a big fuss about this and ruins the event through his/her bad comments passed. So, when you are getting the confirmations, better if you could get a confirmation as to whether he/ she is a non-veg. This will always help you to play on the safe side. If you can’t do this, the make sure you have some reservations for possible non-veg guests as well.

Serving liquor

If you have the guest list with you, so you know who will represent the majority at the event- whether it is ladies or gents. If it is gents, so you know the bar Prahran will have to be arranged and you will have to decide on the brands that should be served. If it is ladies, then it is the same, you will have to decide the time that wine should reach them, and of course the brands. Likewise, the guest list is important simply to understand your target audience. Because at the end of the day, a good event is eventually a good experience.

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