School Festivals Good Source Of Learning

Education actually starts from the lap of a mother, then continues further in the school fete ideas usually people think that children get education in schools but the reality is they start to educate themselves from the moment they open their eyes in their mother’s lappy. Then comes the role of the school where teachers act as educational parents and they teach everything important to the children, just like parents do they just take care of education and learning. Bookish knowledge is good but not enough to make a child suitable and sufficient enough for that practicality and practical implication play a very good role.  

Practical education is something which one just cannot deny no matter what, people think that they know everything if they have read something but if they are unable to apply in there practical life (it is useless) hence it is recommended to each and every educational institution to keep considering practical studies. Things are different these days, they usually teach children practically by creating environment such as festivals in schools. School festivals are a fantastic source of learning because they children make things by using their own talents, they use their analytical and creative abilities to present their ideas and work on them properly. Festivals are events in which children are given stalls and spaces that they have to arrange something on the stall, different stalls are arranged and different tasks and assignments are given to the students, so that in future they are able enough to understand the demand and supply rule and can face the audience, it actually boosts their energy and their confidence to a level where they believe in doing anything and everything positive. 

Stalls festivals are all about stalls and small shops made by the students themselves. Teachers assign stalls and the tasks for example: a student has the talent to sing (he/she has to situate a stall to promote that skill) if some students like arts and creativity they can situate a stall of the same (they can earn too) without anything bad in mind children can develop the understanding of earning money and presenting themselves in front of the audience. Furthermore stalls teaches the sense of ownership, generates the entrepreneurship skills and many more things. Imagine there was a time when children were not considered for cooking right? But now children are so good that they can cook too and stalls can be given to the children so that they can cook something and sell it on the stalls. Imagine fellas! if we teach our children to earn like this how great that would be? 


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